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How durable are the seamless floors and surfaces?

Our floors and surfaces last for decades – with the right care and refreshment, even forever.

Do you have to demolish old floors and surfaces?

No, we also take over the old surface as a substrate. It can be parquet, laminate, concrete or even carpet.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, we grant the statutory warranty according to VB or BGB.

How long does it take from offering to installation?

It depends on the complexity of the project and the workload of the employees. The development of the coating as well as the casting and spatling itself take only a few days.

I have pets, are the floors and coatings sturdy enough?

Yes, all coatings have a high durability in terms of organic and chemical exposure.

Do the floors and surfaces require a lot of care?

The floor does not need much care. For a perfect result, we recommend using a mild detergent developed by us. That’s all he needs to stay perfect!

Is it possible to change the color/structure of the surface after some time?

Yes, this is possible without unreasonable effort. Within 24 hours, the surface can be redesigned according to your wishes.

Are the floors and coatings also suitable for allergy sufferers?

Yes, the composition does not contain substances that cause allergic reactions. In addition, the coating is antibacterial. It prevents the formation and settlement of germs, fungi, etc. and is also ideally suited for hospitals use and other health areas.

Is a seamless bathroom with a seamless shower possible?

Yes, thanks to our research in this field, we have developed a technology that allows a seamless wet area.

Are oFloor floors and coatings sustainable?


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